Digital Designer working with Art Director Fernando Dias De Souza

Art Direction  |  User Experience Design  |  Typography  |  Illustration  |  Motion Design


Homepage Design

Here is a fashion collage I have created for SS FW 2015 trends. 

Breaker Design

Illustration I did for Paris Fall Winter FW 2015, that we kept one week on vogue.com 

Fashion Collage Showing Diversity in Balmain show.

Typography Design


Marc Jacobs Mash-Ups 

19 Collages, Marc Jacobs Mash-Ups Inspired by His Most Madcap Collections, for the article click here  


Here is an example on how to create an interesting visual article with only products. We were doing a lot of these for Vogue.

Information/Data Design

Please find examples of visuals I have created. The first one is a graph which represents BEYONCÉ visibility VS environmental issue and the second one depicts perfume portraits from fashion figures (article here).