Digital Art Director

Art Direction  |  Interaction Design  |  User Experience Design  |  Typography  |  Motion Design  |  Front-End Development

User Experience Design / Art Direction

Several pages from Vogue Paris I have designed, included Visual templates, Market post, Runway page, Vogue Paris Live page, Diaporama page, etc, & mobile versions.


Homepage Design

Everyday a new Big COVER design for Vogue Paris homepage. Each day a story, each time a different vibe.


Mobile Design

60% of Vogue Paris viewers are on mobile, mobile design is significant. Here is a Long Form design I have created, the result is an easy to read, visually pleasing, exciting content for the user.


User Experience Design

Design of a new Vogue Paris digital template about Loewe for an avant-gardiste user experience


User Experience Design

Re Design of the new Vogue Paris Homepage. Internally more efficient and visually more minimalist and clear..


Logo Design

I have designed the Snapcode logos for Vogue Paris and Vogue Hommes, a beauty logo called Beauty Report for a daily beauty post during Fashion Week, as well as the Vogue Follows logo, used for the Vogue Follows videos series.


Vogue Paris Model 2017

Here is a teaser I have made for Vogue Paris model 2017 challenge sponsored by Dior Rouge and IMG models, it was part of a bigger project, including a website and a visual identity, for more click here  

Social Media

I had the chance to do several projects with typography, collages, videos and animations for Vogue Paris and Vogue Hommes Instagram & Facebook. Here are some samples of the Christmas Calendars we made for Vogue Paris Karl's Lagerfeld citations and Vogue Hommes with Animated Vidéo.  @vogueparis @voguehommes


Motion / Art Direction

I have created several videos for Vogue Paris, for Instagram, Facebook and more. Here is one example for Snapchat's launch. A lot of fashion collages was also made for the Vogue Paris website.


Art Direction / Vogue Follows

I have also been part of Vogue Follows video project as art direction. Please go to Vogue Paris youtube channel to check out the videos Enjoy ,)